Victoria & Valerie's YaYa Sisterhood of Traveling Teas - Children's Tea Parties - Northport, NY
Victoria & Valerie's YaYa Sisterhood of Traveling Teas - "Well-behaved women seldom make history." --Laurel Thatcher Ulri
Children's Tea Parties

Example of a Victorian Children's Tea:
Your daughter and her guests should be dressed in their best party dresses (we offer a few choice frou-frou dresses that she may wear for the Tea).
We provide a treasure chest full of frou-frou hats, gloves, purses, faux jewelry, fans, boas, shawls and more for everyone to wear at the party. Your daughter should be all dressed up before her friends arrive.
When all the guests arrive we help them get accessorized for the tea. Lady Victoria & Ladies Linda, Karen and or Kim   will be your waitresses as well as social directors. When the girls are all gussied up, a group photograph is taken.
Everyone sits down at the beautifully decorated table in their assigned chairs (PLACE CARDS included)..The table is laden with fine assorted china and whimsical pieces as well as a special CENTERPIECE included.
First Course begins with an assortment of tea sandwiches, bite- size fruits and veggies (customized by you) served on decorated, tiered tea trays with your choice of lemonade, apple juice or iced teas (decaffeinated of course!). While the girls are having first course we tell them all about tea time during the Victorian era along with proper etiquette. 
Next the young ladies leave the table to either create a special craft or play a game, sing songs and tell stories (your choice). The table will be readied for next course during this time.
Second course is set with tea cups and saucers (choice of warm milky teas or strawberry or chocolate milk),and tiered servers filled with your choice of goodies (a cake is extra). Your daughter has a special TEASETincluded at her setting.  
After this course the birthday girl may open her presents (under parental supervision) as we begin to clean up. 
We strongly recommend that you book early ( at least 2 months in advance) as we are very busy most of the year with adult as well as childrens Teas...
Feel free to call or email us with any questions or to have us elaborate on each detail.. Your daughter will have a most memorable party she will treasure always. Please note that boys most certainly are welcome (we provide hats ,bow ties, handkerchiefs...) but crafts are not recommended.   minimum party package=10-15children. We will arrive approximately 2 hours before the party to setup and decorate. You should plan on a 2-3 1/2hr. event. Cleanup is also included. Please note that we will visit prior to party to go over details and evaluate staging of your Tea.
Additional Themes Include:
Fairy Tea Parties
Grandma & Me
Teddy Bear Tea
American Girl
Princess Tea Parties
and More!
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