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Afternoon Tea was invented by the Duchess of Bedford in the mid 1800's.

To tide herself over for a very late dinner, she asked her maid to serve small sandwiches with her afternoon tea, and a new fashion was born!

Victoria started hostessing her afternoon tea parties 27 years ago as a way to celebrate a love for her friends. As the co-owner of Angel Bridals East Islip New York customers would come in and inquire about her "yaya" teas then request a Bridal Shower so..... it transformed into a unique event where every woman must allow her "inner child" to play well with others. Valerie presently is a very talented interior designer who advises Vicki from time to time and is one fabulous Yaya.

We look forward to meeting you and creating the most memorable party for all. 

Ya Ya's Rule!

"There is nothing like a dame"!!!

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